Tuesday, February 23, 2016


These pictures are of Henry Bissell. 

Henry Bissell Family Photo

10 Apr 1901

By James Helm.... Henry Bissell Family Photo. Taken at old home place east of Hatton, Arkansas April 10, 1901. Left to right: Henry Bissell, Minnie (my mother), Lucienda (my grandmother and Henry's wife), Dora, Rhoda, Tom, and his wife, Vila (often called Viona by mistake). I took Mother to this place in 1962. It has a room added on. But I can't remember where the old homeplace is located now. Henry died here April 27, 1902 and was buried 3 miles NE of Hatton, AR in the Witherspoon Cemetery, NE quadrant, near Thomas Jeffereson Bissell's grave with no maker placed.
KimMays38 originally shared this on 29 Mar 2015 .  This is not my picture.  It belongs to KimMay38.    The picture of Henry Bissell by himself I got from Ancestry.com.